26 Strategies to Take Your Fundraising To The Next Level Great Fundraising Ideas

Drop a post on facebook or tweet this page to help other charities and fundraisers choose the right online fundraising platform. Some platforms including Total Giving and Wonderful.org transfer donated funds immediately to the charity as soon as they’re received. Others send funds to charities on a weekly or monthly basis (see platform summary above).
Create professional fundraising forms for your nonprofit for free with Jotform. As an added bonus, nonprofits enjoy a 50 percent discount on Jotform’s Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. You can raise funds by charging for attendance, but you can also invite people to buy votes and help their favorite act win the grand prize. We love how clear and easy it is to use Cozymeal to choose a virtual cooking class that will suit your event needs.
It is also one of the most popular donation websites for raising money because it is often mentioned in movies and series. One of the most famous crowdfunding campaigns on GoFundMe was in the year 2018, when the page to raise money for Donald Trump’s border wall. Great Fundraising Ideas need to make sure that the fundraising platform you choose is user-friendly and comprehensible. Your potential donors should not only understand how your campaign works, what your goals are but also how to use the fundraising website.
Social media promotion can be used to spread awareness about your organization or mission so you can get the attention of the public. The public can then be directed to contribute through donations using a virtual crowdfunding program, which provides a simple and easy process for individuals to donate funds to a campaign. This method is effective because your supporters will execute fundraising campaigns on your organization’s behalf while tapping into their own networks and relationships. Nearly $400 was raised online per individual supporter who participated in peer-to-peer fundraising for organizations and causes.
This motivates the participants to do something positive — walk, run, cycle, dance, or read — and gives them the power to affect how much money will be raised towards a cause they care about. This can be physical items like clothes, food, supplies, or equipment. The University of Alabama hosted a movie night to promote diversity and open discussion on campus.
Raisely is a purpose-before-profit all-in-one fundraising platform. Like Zeffy, Raisely is a BCorp and was founded to help charities access the technology they need. Since 2016, Raisely has helped over 2,500 charities raise over $400 million. Zeffy’s fundraising platform also optimizes donor conversions by having as few mandatory clicks as possible between the moment a donor decides to make a donation and a successful transaction.
Host a virtual trivia night using a platform like Zoom, Google Meet, or Kahoot. Be sure one of the categories is about your organization to give you the opportunity to talk about your cause while discovering who your biggest fans are. You could even make some questions worth bonus points for an additional donation.